Monkey Run

  The Monkey Run

Now we call this a run, but really it is not a run of speed, but more a test of endurance and attrition. Driving time is going to be approximately between 8am and 5.30pm, so assuming that you can get a car to run (continuasly) at 50 mph between these hours then you should not need to drive outside these hours. However if you do break down or stop to check out the scenery, then this is your problem and you will have to drive into the night to catch-up! To make up a bit of distance and to add to the experience we usually schedule a night drive on one of the days.
The Monkey run began in 2003 with a race between three guys in a 1973 875cc Hillman Imp and three guys in a 1982 4200cc Jaguar XJ6 racing to the Casino Royale in Monaco, and back. Needless to say, the imp was victorious and can still be seen roaming the streets of Stratford upon Avon to this very day.!
The rules are very simple; Teams of 2 - 4 guys, buy a vehicle for a monkey (that’s £500 for those not from the east end of London) and drive it to a chosen overseas destination and hopefully back again! The production of this make and model of car must have begun no later than 1980 and the vehicle must be of a certain ilk; if in doubt ask. We strongly encourage pieces of old British engineering such as the Morris Marina or the Austin Princess aka the ‘flying turd’ that won the race to Oporto in 2004. Below is a link to a list of Legal Monkeyrunners, If you plan to run a car outside of this list please contact us to check is suitability.
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2 Team Bungle
Luke Bevan
James Baldwin
Ford Capri 2800cc (1973)
Ford Capri
4 Blue Zoo-m Racing
Oly Hyatt
Adam Shaw / Dick Diggler
Riley Elf 1500cc (1965)
Riley Elf


38 Spank the Monkey Racing
Gareth Crisford
Naz Khaleque

Ford Cortina 1993cc (1980)
Ford Cortina 2000cc (1980)
Team website


82 The Flying Turd
Luke Bevan
Dean Carran
Elton Carran

Austin Princess 1275cc (?)

78 Team Mungo
Myles Castaldini
Alex Gibson
Nick Butterworth

Hillman Imp 890cc (1973)
Hillman Imp 890cc (1973)

More Pictures
Monaco '03
Oporto '04
Non-event '05
Kopenhagen '06
Eisenhuttenstadt '07
Yvrac '08
Rome '10
Uncey-le-Franc '11
Never Again '12
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