Monkey Run

   Monkey Run 2003 - Monaco

The inaugural event was back in June 2003. Two teams, the Engineers and Team Mungo, headed off to Monaco with there hotel booked the other end and little else planned. It was a cat and mouse affair with the Jaguar getting there a day before the imp, but in failing to complete the return leg back to the UK handed the coveted fluffy dice to team Mungo.

Itinerary not available

The Teams:

The Captains Ship

Jaguar XJ6 4200cc (1980)
Jaguar XJ6 4200cc (1980)
Jon Saunders
James Zeros
John Gregory

Team Mungo

Hillman Imp, Super 875cc (1974)
Hillman Imp, Super 875cc (1974)
Myles Castaldini
Alex Gibson
Nick Butterworth

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